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Birth Day Gratitude

Birthday Thrill Have you ever seen the Northern Lights [aurora borealis]?  They’re mesmerizing — if you’re Canadian, it should be on your bucket list.  Working in northern Alberta, my son … Continue reading

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Daily Gratitude 2013 NOV 11

Daily Gratitude 2013 November 11 I am so very grateful: for my grandfather [father’s father] who fought in World War II & my great-uncle [mother’s father’s brother] who came home … Continue reading

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Daily Gratitude 2013 November 6

Daily Gratitude 2013 November 6 I am grateful for: for a nice short call with middle son; for Lady being extra patient with our longer-than-usual wait in traffic, & … … Continue reading

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The Therapeutic Gratitude Journal

When first diagnosed with a mental illness, you discover that you will need to make many, sometimes seemingly-impossible, life changes.  Some will come from external influences such as medication & … Continue reading

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Daily Gratitude 2013 OCT 31

Daily Gratitude 2013 October 31 I am grateful for: perfect timing in the morning picking youngest son up at airport; a delightful fall day for a drive up Isle for … Continue reading

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Working On It

Poor Lady Daisy May — she thinks she’s in trouble for pulling stuffing out of her pillow! Um, Sorry Um, yeah, I said I was accepting the WordPress Post-a-Day Challenge … Continue reading

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Post-a-Week challenge

Beautiful Bella [2002] doing what she loved best — ocean swimming & stick chomping. WordPress Post-A-Week Challenge. 😐  I know I’m a little late, but I’m going to try the … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to Dawne Enlightened  🙂 I’m starting this site to help overcome personal characteristics or ‘left-over symptoms’ from long-term abuse.  I want to analyze the situations I was in & … Continue reading

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I am not a doctor or therapist -- I am a patient who has survived almost 40 years of abuse, then suffered mental breakdowns, hospital stays, & the deepest caverns of despair. I am now growing & happy thanks to over 15 years of therapy & prescribed medication. I could not have done this alone & certainly wish I had received help sooner. If you have suffered from abuse or exhibit symptoms discussed here, PLEASE GET HELP. From someone with knowledge of mental illness & listens to you -- simply ASK.


See a Medical Doctor, get a referral to a Mental Health Clinic, call a Suicide Help Line, go to a medical clinic/hospital or charity drop-in centres -- reach out to someone. MENTAL ILLNESS and SUBSTANCE ABUSE is the worst catch-22 cycle to be caught in. Your mind/body probably finds some comfort but SUBSTANCE ABUSE CREATES MENTAL ILLNESS -- adding more to the mountain is deadly! Do not try to medicate yourself. One of the greatest tragedies of mental illness is self-medicating using tobacco, alcohol, & drugs -- illicit & prescription.


You may feel alone but you are not.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” -- Karen Lamb